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Privacy policy for this website

For us, respecting and protecting the personal privacy of our customers, as set forth in Germany's Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), is fundamental – and that includes our Internet offerings.

The purpose of the Act is to protect individuals' personal privacy from being impaired when data are processed. One important concern for us, therefore, is safeguarding your personal privacy when handling your data.

Our Internet pages take the following into account, for example:

If we want to collect, process or use your data, we will let you know. You have a right to information about your stored data. Please address any queries you may have to our data-protection officer

All our employees have a duty to observe secrecy.

Our security precautions are state of the art.

Your visit to our website is stored as an anonymous query and only for statistical purposes; it contains no personal data. Our company data-protection officer will be happy to answer any queries you may have on data protection.


Mail RootCA Certificate

The DN of Deutsche Rückversicherung AG – Mail RootCA certificate is:

O=Deutscherueckversicherung Verband oeffentlicher Versicherer
OU=Informationsmanagement und Service
effective from: 29.12.2006 13:35:08
valid until: 15.10.2027 14:35:08

the hash value of Deutsche Rückversicherung AG – Mail RootCA Certificate is
SHA1: A2 F2 20 5E 5D AE 28 3A 91 98 D4 39 60 0E 1F 2E 01 85 93 3D

The hash value of Deutsche Rückversicherung AG – Mail PGP fingerprint is
16DF BFA0 A9AC F33E DBFA 9641 C8FD 3C67 DD8A 849F

In order to send you the public key of Deutsche Rückversicherung, please send an e-mail to

Data-protection remarks on the use of statistics software

Deutsche Rück has made it a prime goal to respect the protection of personal data. Generally speaking, you can visit this Internet page without disclosing any information about yourself. Deutsche Rück collects non-personal data to assess the use and to improve the website's content. Only anonymous information is used, e.g. domain name, number of visits and average time spent on our website. We analyse such data with regard to trends and statistics with a view to offering visitors to our website a better service.

We use data solely for the purpose of our own market research and, above all, in order to optimise the design of our web pages in line with needs.

Use of Cookies

We save cookies on your hard drive for technical reasons. The cookies saved solely consist of a unique number, which is only relevant on our website.

What are cookies? Cookies are small pieces of information which the web server sends to the local browser and saves when a webpage is accessed (for the first time). Deutsche Rück uses this technology to simplify usage of our website. Cookies do not contain any personal data.



Henning Nolte

is Deutsche Rück´s data protection officer

Hansaallee 177
40549 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 4554-200