Deutsche Rück becomes a member of InsurLab Germany

Düsseldorf, 31 January 2018 – Deutsche Rückversicherung AG has joined InsurLab Germany, which was founded in May 2017. The InsurTech hub, which was launched in Cologne, aims to promote the digital transformation in the insurance industry by connecting InsurTech start-ups and established players in the industry. The network encompasses around 45 representatives of the insurance sector, including insurers, start-ups, service providers, the Technical University of Cologne and the University of Cologne.

“Our experience shows that customer requirements are now increasingly calling for various overlapping services,” says Michael Rohde, the member of Deutsche Rück’s Board of Executive Directors in charge of life insurance and non-life market divisions. “That means it's important for us to think beyond traditional business processes.”

By joining InsurLab Germany, Deutsche Rück will now be even more closely involved in technological developments in the sector. The aim is to help shape the digital future of the German insurance industry by working together, Rohde says.

“We want to make our reinsurance expertise available to the start-ups involved, while integrating the initiative’s ideas and innovative spirit into our day-to-day work,” adds Jamil Meier, the contact for InsurLab at Deutsche Rück, who is also responsible for product development in life and health reinsurance.

Deutsche Rück looks forward to contact and exchange with other members from the primary and reinsurance sectors and other industries related to insurance. “We believe there is added value in particular in technical exchange with specialists from a wide variety of fields and sectors,” says Andreas Fey, Deutsche Rück’s contact for non-life reinsurance, who is responsible for contract design in the German market.

Deutsche Rück’s membership has become effective retroactively from 1 January 2018.

About InsurLab
InsurLab is an initiative of the German insurance industry, which now includes over 20 insurance companies, InsurTech start-ups and leading service providers. The Cologne-based think tank supports young InsurTechs and champions innovation and digitalisation in the insurance sector. The aim is to look together at issues such as e-payment, blockchain, the Internet of Things, e-health, virtual reality and big data and to shape the insurance industry of the future. To this end, InsurLab has a strong international network of established InsurTechs and respected universities. The initiative is the first InsurTech hub to be admitted to the Digital Hub Initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

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