Deutsche Rück

Primary insurance-geared, competent and reliable

Our core competence: Dependable reinsurance cover

Nearly 70 years ago, we began to offer reinsurance cover to public insurers in Germany. They remain our shareholders to this day. In 2009, we extended our business territory to include European markets. Today, Deutsche Rückversicherung AG and its subsidiary Deutsche Rückversicherung Switzerland Ltd offer reinsurance cover on the European insurance market and selected international markets. Deutsche Rück now occupies a leading position in its domestic market, Germany. Thanks to our excellent, outstanding long-term credit ratings, our consistent underwriting policy and market performance, we are a sought-after partner in Austria and in Central and Eastern Europe as well.

Our strong capital base makes us reliable. With our stable shareholder structure and our strong capital base at AAA level, the covers we undertake are not constrained by short-term fluctuations in the market climate. Our strong level of security regularly earns us an "A+" rating for financial strength from Standard & Poor's.

Highly proficient contacts, short administrative paths, swift and efficient decision-making processes and our primary insurance-geared approach guarantee your satisfaction.

150 specialists ensure your security

150 men and women work at our location in Düsseldorf and at our subsidiary DR Swiss in Zurich, and these dedicated, highly competent specialists are all at your service. Our lean organisational structure permits us to process our client's wishes quickly, purposefully and with a high degree of flexibility. We make individual underwriting decisions swiftly and conclusively.

Surpassing expectations: Our services

But risk transfer is not all we have to offer. We share our know-how with our cedants and support them with services in property, casualty and life insurance. This enables you to benefit from our actuaries' expertise in specific market segments and Central Underwriting Management. Our actuarial services range from in-depth analysis of portfolio, premium and claims development all the way to comprehensive portfolio analysis and the creation of optimum cover concepts.

In life insurance, our experts support our clients in their underwriting and claims management with practice-geared acceptance and assessment guidelines and the appraisal of claims and benefit entitlements. Our Actuarial and Product Management divisions develop tailor-made products for private and company pensions as well as term insurance and disability cover. Our range also includes further actuarial services such as profit testing and the creation of company-specific actuarial bases. In addition to this, we offer a wide selection of workshops and training courses in all domains.

At home in Germany – with an international presence

Together with its subsidiary, DR Swiss, Deutsche Rückversicherung AG offers reinsurance cover on the entire European insurance market an selected international markets. Get to know our subsidiary!

Deutsche Rück works closely with VöV Rückversicherung, the German public-sector insurance companies’ own group reinsurance company. As a public-law company, VöV Rück primarily underwrites liability, accident and motor vehicle insurance risks exclusively for the public-sector insurance companies. Deutsche Rück and VöV Rück are independent entities for legal and economic purposes but form a single operational unit. In this way, the two reinsurers are able to offer broad-based expertise in all lines of insurance.

Andreas Meinhardt

is spokesman of Deutsche Rück and head of our Communications Department

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40549 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 4554-123