Working at Deutsche Rück can be many things,

but it is never boring!

Professional fields at Deutsche Rück

The daily tasks handled by our staff are as diverse as our company's requirements: the following are typical examples:

Underwriters …

... are people who engage in our core business, reinsurance: They analyse risks, examine terms and conditions, and calculate the necessary premiums for reinsuring risks of any type. These include, for instance, natural catastrophes, fire and technical risks as well as innumerable other risk potentials. They maintain a trust-based relationship with clients and advise them on all reinsurance issues. At the same time, they observe markets and draw up market, customer and competition analyses.

Mathematicians and statisticians ...

... analyse risk features and produce the costing bases for new tariff schemes. To this end, they use and modify suitable methods, such as generalized linear models, variance and regression analyses or cluster analysis. They also examine and assess new developments in research as regards their fitness for practical application.

Natural scientists ...

... make risks calculable. They relate geo-scientific data to a primary insurer's portfolio and loss data: for instance, what would have happened if a certain storm had swept across other regions in Germany? From such scenarios, they develop proposals for appropriate reinsurance cover.

In Services and Product Management ...

... our specialists provide primary insurers with advice on insurance matters. They also hold seminars and mount information events – either on site or at our premises. They also help to design and develop new products.

Andreas Thois

is head of the Human Resources Department

Hansaallee 177
40549 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 4554-154

Julia Bender

is HR consultant for the Market Divisions

Hansaallee 177
40549 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 4554-367

Tessa Cermann

is HR consultant for our Underwriting Division

Hansaallee 177 
40549 Düsseldorf 
Phone: +49 211 4554-229