We are proud of our corporate culture

in which achievement pays, but which also explicitly demands a healthy work-life balance.

Cooperation all round: Our personal relations

Our company is a clearly organised entity – much to the benefit of our work style and the way we deal with one another. The flat hierarchy and short routes are conducive to teamwork: many tasks can only be solved across departmental boundaries, and this defines the way we think and act. A friendly and cooperative spirit prevails between the members of staff.

Family? Yes, please!

Finding a career/family balance is a key issue for us. We offer flexible working hours, part-time work models and our own day nursery "Kindernest Kunterbunt", where you can leave your little ones in caring hands. This makes it so much easier to resume work after taking parental leave.

Overtime which has accumulated due to high work loads can be taken as time off when the work load has eased up. Our staff can arrange their working time in a way which reflects their own needs and those of their clients. 

Telework – What suits you best

Physical presence in the company is not always necessary in times of modern technology and short communication routes. Telework is particularly useful for those members of staff who have to travel long distances and can consequently convert commuting time into working time. In this way, personal working time can be flexibly managed – naturally with more consideration for family needs.

Benefits for our employees

In addition to highly qualified, secure jobs, we also offer our employees the following benefits:

  • An attractive company pension scheme with various options
  • Capital-forming payments
  • Allowance towards travel expenses
  • Mortgage and staff loans on favourable terms
  • Accident insurance with 24-hour cover for both professional and private life

In addition, we also support various company sports groups and activities, such as football, walking, beach volleyball and dragon-boating. Sports courses and various preventive healthcare programmes round off our healthcare offering for employees.

Andreas Thois

is head of the Human Resources Department

Hansaallee 177
40549 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 4554-154

Julia Bender

is HR consultant for the Market Divisions

Hansaallee 177
40549 Düsseldorf
Phone: +49 211 4554-367

Tessa Cermann

is HR consultant for our Underwriting Division

Hansaallee 177 
40549 Düsseldorf 
Phone: +49 211 4554-229